Fun with Friends!


Sonny enjoyed a beautiful spring morning playing with friends and having fun! :D:D:D

Nice shot the one where he is sniffing the grass (5th from the right).

Looks like you guys are enjoying true summer weather. Still a bit chilly here, but it's getting there.

Nice shots of your pup enjoying himself. Especially like the one in the stream - Basenjis don't generally like water, but I've noticed lately mine jumps in and right out of all the dog pools at the park. Isn't it sort of cool still in RI???

The third pic from the right is a true spring picture! Very nice!

Sonny and his friend look like they were having a great play date. Then after play, there is always time to just sit in the sun and think back on all the activities of the day. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

Holy cow! I can't believe Sonny goes in water. Man, I have to drag Sid outside to pee when its sprinkling and to get him to bathe I have to shower with him. Of course he looks like he is soo thrilled the whole entire time, its a wonder I still have my toes!

Sonny looks like he had lots of fun

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