Fun at the water

Last night we end up for the night at a beautiful harbor in the middle of a meadow with a little beach..
The beach was totally empty (yeah some fisherman but no other people swimming)
So we sat down on the beach and played a little in the water… 😃
Nice cooling down.. only Hailey didn't want to go into the water so I stayed with her on the beach and took some pics 😃

You got to test the water daddy…

Yes? Is it good enough for us?

Thanks daddy… KISSSS

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (bad quality but nice picture:D)

Give it another try Buana!

Come on Brother, we go together

I''ll go in front, please stay close behind

Bro.. Bro??? Were are you?

He just left me!!! 😞

What's wrong Buana, did he left you??

Come here, I'll give you a hug

Heee, I want that toooo

Okay, come get a hug too then!


Woooow what's that??!?!?!

I don't know, I don't know… What is it!!!

It's Hailey!!! hahahahaha


Chafuko found something really weird:


cewl pics !! :d


Such nice pitures. It looks so nice and cool.

Great shots. Thanks for the smile!

LOL…loved it!

Did they scratch your tummy when you hugged them???

Great pictures. Look like lots of fun.

Rita Jean

Great pictures! Who says they don't like the water - they look like they are having lots of fun.

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