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Thanks everyone!

When we first got Shelby, she was destructive as well. We crated her. However, we just felt really guilty and stopped. She went through a horrible period (every soft surface had holes and a hole in my wall!). She grew out of it, partly because, I think she wanted to please us so badly. Billy doesn't have the same personality. I knew when we got him, it was a possibility. I'm just sad that it's now a reality!! We're going to start crating him and leaving Shelby out and see how that goes. Thanks for the responses!

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Our local pet store down the street that sold pups went out of business last month. Not sure what happened to all the resident puppies :(, but I was really happy to see it go! Last time I was in New Mexico, they had a super cool pet store that had all rescue (real rescues!!) dogs for sale 🙂 Most were a year or older and people were loving them! Such a better situation! Wish it was the norm.

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As many of you have read before, I adopted a BRAT black and white boy named Billy. I want to preface this by saying that we LOVE him and think he's a very special, super sweet guy that has brought a lot of happiness into our lives not to mention Shelby's life. They are best buds and adore each other.

However, Billy has been very destructive with today being the worst yet. He has not been kenneled during the day. But I'm afraid that's going to have to change 😞 He is getting better at potty training but still marks our coffee table on a daily basis. Not such a big deal. However, he started chewing holes in my (new..sad) couch. It's a large sectional and comes in individual pieces you put together. Each piece now has a hole. Rather large holes. He was not destructive for several weeks (not one bit!) and now it's really bad. I covered my couch in blankets, which didn't deter him. I bought bitter yuck and sprayed it down…didn't deter him. Today my entire garbage was all over along with a plant that was chewed up and dirt spread everywhere.

He has to be kenneled during the day. I can't think of another option.
But Shelby is well behaved. Should I kennel them both? Is it fair to only kennel one? I'm so torn 😞

The little guy is so sweet...I can't even put into words how much of a lover he is. I want to do what's best for him, but I can't keep coming home to destruction. He's getting lots of exercise! One thing is that Travis comes home around 2:00 and leaves at 5:00 and I come home a couple hours later from work. He does this all after Travis leaves. I think it upsets him.

Anyway, I could really use some advice on kenneling one/verses both of them.

Thank you.

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There is nothing wrong with a correction when you catch them in the act of having an accident in the house…. however I would not stop to "paw the door with his paw"... I would just go directly outside. It is when they have have an accident and you don't catch them in the act that you can't or shouldn't do a correction.

That said, what was his story before you got him?

Billy was picked up by animal control in Iowa with his bother, Wally. I guess the county they were in doesn't have a shelter so Billy and Wally were given 7 days before being euthanize. 😞 BRAT stepped in on day 6 and they were fostered with a super cool couple since November. Wally went to live with a family in Pennsylvania and Billy is with us and has become best buds with our B. He's fitting in very well around here. The only problem being all the poop and pee!! Shelby is joining in as well today. Sigh!! She pooped right in front of me which she hasn't done in a very long time! I'm hoping it's an adjustment period for them both and nothing more. haha.

Here's a video of Billy and Shelby meeting for the first time. The quality is not that great, sorry! It's the first time I've uploaded to youtube.

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Maybe I'm just not communicating effectively. I'm not angry with Billy. I'm not mad. I already love him a lot! When he does go inside and I don't see it, I pick it up without a word. Except to complain to Travis 🙂 But when he does it infront of me I do use a stern(er) voice than normal. Not angry or mad though. I just tell him no and take him out. It doesn't frighten him. If I shouldn't be telling him no, or use a different voice with him, that's what I'm here to learn, I guess. Please just know that I'm not making Billy "fearful".

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He doesn't get "punished" and when I say he doesn't realize he's being "bad", I just mean he doesn't realize going inside is a no-no. I don't equate telling him "no Billy, bad Billy" with punishment. I think you misunderstood me. He gets much more positive reinforcement than negative.
Sorry, but I found your first paragraph to be rather offensive.
One of the problems is that he doesn't give a signal. He just does it. I have a basenji already so I realize the cues.

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As many of you know, Travis and I adopted a BRAT dog! His name is Billy. I'm going to take pics this weekend to post.

Anyway, the little guy has little manners in the potty training department. Since Saturday afternoon he has pooped inside maybe more than a dozen times. And peed (it's the pee that really gets me. ick!).

If I say "Billy want to go outside?" he gets excited and goes to the door. I even have him sitting on command to go outside. But he will give no indication on his own when he needs to go. He just does it! I don't even think he realizes what he is doing is bad.

Here's what I've been doing:

1. When he messes in the house and I see him in action I say "Billy no. Bad Billy" in a stern voice. I pick him up and take him to the door and scratch his paw on the door. Then we go outside.

2. Shelby is great at letting us know she needs to go out, so we praise her a ton when she does this. Hopefully Billy catches on!

3. We give both Billy and Shelby lots and lots of praise when they go outside. They get treats when they are finished.

4. I'm developing a routine. The very first thing I do when I get up in the morning is take them out. The very first thing we do when one of us gets home is take them out. And before we go to bed as well. (Travis gets PM duty, I get AM duty) 🙂
This way Billy knows there's going to be a chance soon to go.

Billy is 2 years old (at least. I think he's older). Is he still teachable?? Please…I need some hope. And advice!!

Also, poor guy has chapped and red skin on his tummy around his hind legs. We started him on Shelby's food and just in a few days his coat has gotten glossier and he stopped flaking. But his naked tummy is sooo chapped. His little scar where he had a hernia removed in November is as well. We have a vet appt on Monday but if anyone has any ideas to relieve this, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!!!

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Andrea, I bet it was fascinating working with the primates! I always wanted one as a child, LOL. But after hearing the 911 call from this attack, I am understanding how dangerous they can be… This is a sad story, this lady... did she have experience working in a zoo or something? What made her think (originally) she could properly care for this animal? I hope her friend makes a recovery, I am sure she is scarred for life. I pray for her that she can be able to have some kind of a decent life in the future.

An interesting article the Times did on primates as pets.

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she's sooo freakin cute!

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Hearing about all the strays makes me sad. Especially because I picture my Shelby out on the streets and it would be heartbreaking.
You're a good person to take your pup in and get him well.
And, your English is not bad. I understand you.

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