• As we were on a walk, we came across this family with their dog. It was playing in the water, and Gizmo was VERY curious and wanted to say hello.

    He ran back and forth along the edge of the water, at times daring to get his paw wet.

    Just as I was talking to the lady about how Gizmo has only been in the water once in his life time, and that was when he was a pup, Gizmo took to a run and charged the water. I noticed he attempted a "kick" at the water as if to try to run on the surface. But sadly Gizmo is no Jesus Basenji, and he went PLUMP right into the wetness! :p

    And there he was, shocked over what has happened, and once again that very familiar expression came forth. A slight unease as the water "swallows" him. He tried to back off, only to go deeper. Suddenly he took one doggy paddle, and SPLOOSH managed to move forward before he lost contact with the bottom. And ran back to land.

    Luckily the lady had a camera with her and took some pictures. These are the ones she sent to me:

    Gizmo wanting to say hello

    In the water!

    Finally the dog came on land and Gizmo got to say hello.

  • What a look on his face! Lucky the lady had a camera.

  • No Jesus basenji - lol - you crack me up!!! :D:D:D The look on his face is priceless. 😃

  • Here is the video of when he was a pup and ran into the water. The expressions of his face on the pictures are exactly the same as when he was 3 months old! Ahaha!

    Sadly I was not fast enough to film much, but you can see in the first few seconds.


    I am starting to think he can't swim…lol

  • :pLove the pictures of Gizmo - except that he is a much more robust male, he and Shaye have generally the same markings. Gizmo probably can swim - but that's not saying that he WILL swim, except to get where he can stand up.

  • My Mishka and Busya love water. When we go to the river, they always go for a swim. Once, Lana decided that she'd go in, and she actually went in, neck deep, then came out and was very unhappy. Looked like a wet cat, the way she was trying to clean herself up. Never went in the river before or after that.

  • It looks like Gizmo wasn't totally freaked out about the water. His face looks relatively calm.

  • Great pics of Giz having a good dip.

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