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I am very happy with the breeder we have chosen she has been so helpful and I can see she is well thought of in the community.

We are now down to 2 names (we think, 6 year old changes her mind every 5 minutes lol). Gizmo (front runner) and Fox.

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@jkent Ellie is beautiful.

We are so excited to get our boy. My daughter is counting down the days.

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Sire is Itury Puzzle Man In Black and dam is Jade Mysterious Talisman.
I'm sure there's some cousins about.

We haven't chosen a name for him yet but the list grows, a few front runners in the mix.

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Hi all, I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Steph, and me and my family are currently waiting for our Basenji Puppy to be old enough to come live with us. He should be arriving mid April.
We live in North West UK and when times permit id love to meet some other basenjis to have a puppy playtime.
Our breeder has been wonderful answering all my pestering questions and sending me videos of our beautiful boy.

I do adore this picture of my cheeky "wee" boy.


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I dont have my Basenji yet, but I would say that amount if time to be left isnt good.
How many times per week would that be?
I have 1 day when I return to office, it is 10-6 but I know its just one day and I have family that will come walk him and play, mid point.

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Oh my, rogue is beautiful.

I am so excited for our Basenji Boy to be with us. He will joining us Mid April. Name to be decided

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@zande thank you, i will look into the rabbit instructions.
Ah yes enrichment/intelligence toys are on my list. I cant wait to watch him working it all out.

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@triggers-dad thank you. He will be our first basenji and yes, lots of research has brought us to this fascinating breed.
I'm a little anxious to not do something wrong for him but at the same time I should be confident in our capabilities to do whats best for him too to be a well behaved and trained dog to play with.

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@jkent thank you, your doggy is beautiful.
I just want to do what best for him without setting him up for bad habits challenging us in dominance.
Its not something we would introduce right away i think.

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