Eesha our water baby!!

I have a new video of Eesha, she has become obsessed with the bath! If we leave the bathroom door open, she's straight in the bath, full of water or empty.
Filmed her last night in the bath by herself this time, digging, jumping and sticking her head underwater like she was looking for fish!! It made us giggle 😃
Here's the link -

What a fabulous video. Where is she diggin to do you think? I can't believe the plug stays in!! HAHA 😃


That is one of the most amazing things I have seen today..She is really lovin' that bath..I guess you won't be having problems walking her in the very common English rain.

Great video!! She's such a fun dog!!

I just love watching your water baby. It's amazing, like she's looking for imaginary prey or something. I am assuming the water is warm, lol.
Does she like going in water like in a pond etc?

Great video… I love it to see she is so crazy about the bath!

And I looked at the egg video also... great!!!

Lovely video - obviously that rare Basenji - loving her bath.

I don't often have to bath mine but when I do they spend the whole bath time grumbling!! I had a bitch who just loved water though - if she saw a river or a pond she just had to jump in for a swim!!

A very rare sight indeed 🙂

Its obvious that she was wanting more water in the bath, the way she was looking at the taps, hoping they would turn on, by themselves 😃

She also wanted more bubbles, thats why she was digging…

Wonderful video, thanks for posting 🙂

I can't believe that video! It's sooooooooo cute!! I wish my kids played in the tub! That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! Thanks for sharing!

Awe that is great!! I saw your first video on youtube a few days ago just by looking at some other basenji vids and found it!! what a small basenji world

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