Gizmo 1 year old!

Yesterday Gizmo turned 1 years old (or today depending on your timezone) on July 8th! Horray!

A few pictures from "then" to "now". Thank you Gizmo for all the joys (and horrors) you have given me so far! I am looking forward for many more years to come! I love you so much!

Happy Birthday Gizmo!!!! He has certainly grown up handsomely. Congrats on your first year with him - you've definitely had an interesting one!

He is handsome! Happy Birthday! Is Gizmo related to Tillo? there is a similarity…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you handsome little guy what a love.

Rita Jean


Happy Birthday are one handsome boy..

Aww lovely pictures. Happy Birthday Gizmo!

Happy Birthday Gizmo!!

You'll have to stop thinking Gizmo gives you horrors.:D

Happy Birthday, Gizmo! :D:p:D

Happy Birthday Gizmo - you have grown from a lovable little baby to a gorgeous big boy. I love the closeup with the white "fur." He's a gem, with all the various incidents he's gone through and done on his own, it's great to see he's flourishing.

One year, that went by so fast…

He is such a cutie and I always love to see pics and videos of him 😉

First Basenji's

You can just see the love on both sides of the camera in these pictures.
Happy birthday, Gizmo, and here's to many more.

Happy 1st Birthday Gizmo.
He's grown into a great looking Basenji and has certainly given you an eventful year 😃

Happy Birthday Gizmo!!!!

Gizmo has matured into a handsome young man!

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