Gizmo on the sofa…

These pictures look awful and the angle is way off….but I had to be quick.

Gizmo was just looking so goofy sitting with his legs hanging down on both sides of the sofa I had to take a picture! 😃 This really cheered me up after his attack.

Making more nose marks…..

That is so funny. The second picture is really great. My 9 yr old daughter thought
she could make chief sit that way. He didnt cooperate one bit.

Love the "nose art" on the window!!!

LOL, nice shot Nerdy!! Gizmo is looking good!

:D:D:D Ride em Cowboy, i love the pose, he's looking fine and recovered.
My first Basenji used to sit like that, i'm still waiting for Malaika to do it.


Love the "nose art" on the window!!!

Haha, I know! I have to wash the window all the time! Maybe he is trying to tell me something? 😃


That is great..I wonder if he though it was comfortable? He sure looks it.

Nose art, yes I am about to start taking admission so friends can come enjoy our window art…and we can make money off of them at the same time..

Now just make sure he doesn't start tight rope walking! So good to see that Gizmo is doing well. Great shots of your brave dog, Nerdy.

Ha, it's Gizmo showing his new method of dominating the Sheppard!

"If I ride him like this he won't be able to snap at me…"

I love the pictures - it looks as though he is well recovered from his ordeal.

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