• He has always seen cats from a distance, but today he got to meet one up close. Not quite the reaction I was expecting…sigh...what a wimp. :p


    At 2:14 he gets startled by a stick he steps on…haha! :o

  • Funny little guy. Soon enough he'll be more curious… I thought the part with the stick was funny, I've seen my B do that before. Always makes for a comical moment. 😃

  • It must be the pup in them beacuse Jaycee was having nothing to do with falling leaves. One leaf hit her and she was gone anything changes in the yard and she has nothing to do with it for days. However Jaycee is going out in the dark to do her potty without the fight anymore. It does get better. That is really sweet video thank you for sharing he is handsome.

    Rita Jean

  • Cute video. Thanks for sharing. Poor Gizmo thought it was CATZILLA, with STICKZILLA attacking from the rear.:D

  • Great video, that Cat must have been giving off realy bad vibes 😃

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Great video, that Cat must have been giving off realy bad vibes 😃

    I was going to say, poor Gizmo had his tail down. :o

  • The cat must have had some serious command presence. Love the bottle-brush tail on the cat!

  • At least Gizmo is being smart and cautious. Buddy will go crazy to run over to any cat. Sometimes we are walking down the driveway and a cat is sleeping in the bushes and he just dives in and the cat just completely freaked out scrambles over the fence, Buddy's tail wagging a mile a minute with a look on his face "hey, where you going, don't you want to play"?

  • Ha, ha, ha…poor Gizmo, scared of a little cat...:D:D:D

    A little bit of caution isn't a bad thing...take it from one whose pup had zero caution as a baby :rolleyes:...and still doesn't possess it at almost 11 months.

  • A cat scratch in the eye could be serious. Even if a cat sits there I don't let Buddy near because a cat can be unpredictable. There used to be a cat that lived around the corner and he was totally friendly with the 2 Bs I had. He would just roll over on his back and let the dogs sniff him. We'd keep walking and he'd follow us for a block.

  • Gizmo is so cute! He must have really been nervous to have his tail down - great video!

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