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🙂 Jack is so cute! Toby does this too. It is the highlight of his day, I say do you want to run? And open the bedrooom door, OFF he goes! The problem is I have hardwoods and he slides around corners! He trys to hop from the rug in the living room to the rug in the hall and up to the bed, runs in circles, and starts all over in the living room! They are so much fun and what a joy to have and love!

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At the Waukesha Show this weekend - Sofia - the blind puppy had the occasion to meet up with some bigger cousins - 2 Beezers. She had a blast - - my camera is not fast enough so that you don't really see their antics - more the before and after but she sure does make friends.

I just posted a couple of pictures at the bottom of the NEWS page on my website. Too funny.

She is so beautiful. I know she would be great for Toby. Thanks for sharing.

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What is so funny to me is that poor Jazz just takes it. He wants to play but he is 11 years old, and they really do love each other.

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I couldn't quite figure out how to get the video in, but it is veiwable at photobucket, just click on the link!

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Here is a video of Toby..begging Jazz to play with him. It happens every night, sometimes Jazz will play, but sometimes he does all he can to ignore Toby!

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:mad: I'm so angry at this guy! Thank you for putting up these links, I hope that he is FIRED from the NFL and prevented from ever owning a pet again. I have heard talk that since this is his 1st violation…he will likely be playing this fall! I don't think that is right, but I did hear it from a NFL league offficial on Nancy Grace, if you all know who Nancy Grace is, then you will know that she had an earfull for this guy! The charges are many pages long..including "Rape Cages" , this is so wrong. Why would someone with a $108 million contract need to do anything illeagel is beyond me. I'm not %100 on that figure, but I know its close. I'm going to check out these links. Thanks again for posting them!

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True, of course you could have posted that it was not your picture….

barklessdog did post that it wasn't her pic, in a response to me. I thought WOW…Chicago looks like that..barklessdog said "no its not my pic" It is a great pic! I guess I'm an idiot for thinking Chicago had a wilderness like that one.

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According to my vet, he says he would rather see a pit bull, than an Akita! Everytime he has seen an Akita it has tryed/ or bit him. In my city they all fear Akitas! LOL:)

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Thank you..again! Yeah, it doesn't bother him a bit. It is kinda hard to see, just a dip at the top of his hip. I'll wait it out.:)

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PLEASE share your funny Basenji photos!! I think I have a PRETTY good one to start us off, Jack-Has to know EXACTLY whats going on at all times…mmm, Whats that? Camera!

This is like that famous photographer..the one that does the close-ups of animals..mostly dogs..So Cute!

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