Gizmo and some grumpy swans

Well, yesterday was another first for Gizmo. He got to meet some swans. However, they are not very happy to see him…and he seems to think it's hilarious! :rolleyes:


Very funny video. It seems he had a lot of fun :D.

That's pretty funny! Having a little African fun with some protective swans.


Priceless..I love it..

Very funny! I didn't realize how huge swans are. Thanks for sharing Gizmo's fun.

Haha that's Cute Those swans although pretty can be down right MEAN i remember there was a pond near us a few yrs back and we would go down there once and a while 1 time we pretty much had to run from them cuz they where going crazy even to the humans LOL

Great video! I love the moment at around 1:05 where he runs past and looks right into the camera! I remember the first time Tayda saw some Canadian geese in a lake she ran off INTO the water! She has never done it again since…

I did not know that swans sounded so much like geese. Those swans were not to nice looks like they wanted to get Gizmo they sure did not run from Gizmo. Your a sweet boy this was very cute. Thank you for video and shot of the two ducks.

Rita Jean

Seems like the more the Swans hiss at him the more excited Gizmo gets 😃

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