Fun in the snow!

These pics cannot describe the amount of fun Shelby had tonight in the snow. Most of them came out blurry because she was running SO fast 😃

OMG!! hahaha… Awesome!!

LOVE those pictures! 🙂 Looks like she's having a blast!

We haven't had any big snow this year… but rest assured... the camera/video will come out!! 🙂 I'm glad yours had fun!!

Bella is not nearly as enthused about snow, but those pictures of Shelby makes me want to go play in the snow. It looks like it is so much fun!!!:D

Wow, what a blast she's having! Gee, you guys got dumped on. No snow here yet. tick tock lol

Oh my.. that's a lot of snow! :eek:
Great pics! Playing in the snow is fun,fun,fun!! We're jealous.. it's only very cold here.. :rolleyes:

Great pics! EL D used to love charging through the snow but my current beastie Luny won't walk any further than he has to. 😞

Wow I like the pcis very much!!!

And what Janneke said, So much snow!!!!

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