Walking with friends

Last sunday we meet some friends from another ship, they were in Antwerpen (Belgium) too so we had to meet eachother!
It's difficult when you have sailing friends because you don't see eachother much.
Funny, we meet eachother at a dogsforum 🙂
They have a dog "Kirra" she is a mix between a Podenco and a Labrador, she was rescued by a foundation and adopted by her family.. she survived parvo and she is so sweet, outside the house she shows her Podenco side (running, as fast as a basenji, hunting etc) and inside the house she is a perfectly sweet lab.. haha

Of course we made some pictures!

Afgelopen zondag heerlijk gewandeld met Lucia, Peter en hun mooie Kirra.
Super lekker weer, we lagen toevallig beide met ons schip in Kallo, bij antwerpen dus meteen maar even afspreken.
Kleine wandeling naar het natuurgebied, Lucia kende het nog van 2 jaar geleden, dus langs de spoorlijn gewandeld en het terrein op..
Het bleek nu, een uitbreiding te worden van het golfterrein.. maarja wij zijn geen hek tegengekomen (ook al kwamen we via de spoorlijn door de bosjes :haha: )
Super gewandeld, prachtig weer en ruimte genoeg dus 😃



Please come running with me a bit more!!!


Lady's going nuts..

Talking about Buana?

My Chaffie

Enya and Kirra were playing like girls (bitches?) with lots of sound and having fun but Chaffie thought Enya was going to be Kirra's dinner 😃

Buana is in love


Buana teaches Ryan to dig a hole

BOEM!!!! They crashed into eachother

Come and play!

Georgeous girl





Chaf going to?



Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a fun day. 🙂

As always your guys and little Ryan are too adorable for words 🙂

First Basenji's

loved all those photos! 'Crash and Ryan is a doll-baby!' good job and great fun!

Wonderful photos!


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