• Hi, well Kell has taken to pulling on our pants from the rear when we do not move fast enough to play with him or get outside for walks. The energy this pup has is amazing! On our walk the day before yesterday, we came upon some barking dogs, which he does not care for, but I made him sit and just listen to them instead of trying to bolt away. Second yard with barking dog, went right by no attempts to bolt past. Felt really good about my smart boy. Then we come to one of the many, many decorated for Halloween yards in our neighborhood. In this yard, was a 10 ft black inflated cat, that had motion sensors apparently. Because as we approached, it was still, but as we passed by, the head started turning and following our movement. Kell became unglued, he was sure that giant cat was coming after us. Have you ever seen a Basenji try to walk backwards? He wanted to get away fast, but did not want to take his eyes off the monster cat. It was hilarious. We finished our walk lots faster than normal. Dawn

  • My brave dogs get spooked by a blowing leaf, or rustling garbage bag. I'll bet Kell was funny to watch!

  • My girls would have totally freaked out about that cat! Poor Kell - must have been a funny scene.

  • Haha, we are doing the scarecrow gauntlet here. When you throw in the odd bulldog statue across the street, it can be quite a stroll.

    Simon thinks stuff like that is BIZARRE, and bizarre means scary πŸ™‚

  • It would have been great to have a camera or video camera. I wish I could have seen that - it must have been hilarious. I hope you didn't laugh too loud though - you don't want to embarrass your little man. I can just imagine what Kell was thinking when he encountered that cat. Maybe you have found a way for all basenjis to learn to respect cats! πŸ™‚

  • Our neighbors put out a herd of those twinkly mechanical deer at Christmas. They bend down to take a "bite" then raise up, turn their heads and look right at you. Abbey freaks!! We have to change our route from Thanksgiving to the middle of January!!!

  • I managed not to laugh while it was happening but broke up when I told Duane about it.

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