Listening to instructions about the walk

Beautiful dogs. They're pretty buff. I'm wondering if our B will grow to be that big?

The BW's are monsters 30+ lbs….

hmmm is it's possible our B can get to be that big as well? Or are your B's mixed? Just wondering since I just figured our 20lbs B would pretty much always be this size, more or less. He's pretty lean and we exercise him often.

Nope, no mixes there all "B" …They run off leash for an hour or so a day weather permitting. So they have good muscle mass. The tan one is 21 lbs, and the tri color girl (trouble 😉 is 18 lbs......

So they're not really big as in size, it's pure muscle. How old are they? I'm gonna show my husband those pics he'll probably get into Rocky mode. We'll start running more frequently with our B now that the warm climate is coming in so he might put on some more muscle. What do you feed them?

The bw's are 10 and 9. The other 2 are 5 years old. They eat Innova mixed with IVD duck and potato…..

Great looking dogs!!! I see your B&Ws are 30 +lbs. My b/mix is 30+ also. She too, is all muscle and loves to run.

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