Surprised on a walk!

@jkent That's funny. Princess Sparkle was doing exactly the same thing on evening walks during Christmas season. She'd see the inflatable decorations and couldn't quite puzzle it out. "Should I be scared of it? Is it alive? Can I chase it away if I nip it? Does it smell alive?" Quite entertaining. 😁

Noticed the Basenji Mohawk! Lol! Thanks for sharing. 👍

@kembe I was a bit late to record the initial more dramatic reaction and by the time I got my camera out her curiosity had got the better of her but the hackles remained up!

My 7 yr old basenji will jump/mohawk/react if ANYTHING is out of the ordinary. Even a tipped over trash can or a new bag of trash will make him extremely suspicious and jumpy. Christmas time is especially entertaining (for me). Sometimes, he sees or smells something I can't see, hackles and refuses to walk down a street and there's no changing his mind. I love how these guys rely on their survival instincts even when they trust us.

@pawla so funny aren't they.

I think her reaction is perfect.

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