Random pics from our walk

Bramsche, Germany,

Are we going yet mommy??


Waiting for us!

Chaf going crazy at a farmers field 🙂


He's laughing 😃

Kas was trying to find out what is was were I was staring at…

Buana… my sweet sweet baby

Pretty boy

Whit his tiny chicken legs 😃

Buana is going after Chaffie


My baby..

My craxy baby


Go away with the camera mommy!!

Bu running!!

Kas is biggest love….. 😃

This plane was training above the water

Lovely pics, looks like you all had fun. The dog coats look realy good.
Ryan is growing into a handsome young man 🙂

Those are great!!!

Your little boy is adorable!

Lovely pictures of lovely boys.

enjoyable piccies 🙂 love the running shots and the dirt flicking up 🙂
beautiful b's!

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the photos. Very pretty boys, what is their ages?


Buana (Red and White) is turning 5 at the end of December
Chafuko (brindle) is turning 3 at the end of December

In the picture of Buana moving, you have captured such a pure moment of Basenji beauty. Thanks for sharing!

First Basenji's

I love their jackets!
(Never thought I'd be one to eye doggy fashion, but as I've just started clothes shopping for my B, I'm learning to appreciate sharp-looking, functional doggy gear.)

Pictures are super love the collars and the coats. The B's are so handsome and look great love the running pictures. Mr. Ryan little man your very handsome.

Rita Jean

Great photos as usual! The boys look grand in their coats, Ryan looks a little bored…but he's cute even when he's bored.

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