Some pics from this weekend

I found a twig!!!

Oh, look how nice my twig is!!

Gimme that!!!

Being nice for eachother and sharing the twig 🙂


And some more waiting till we catch up with him…

And then it's time to sleep!!!

Lovely lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing. what an expressive face.

Great pictures…Watson is forever waiting for us to catch up to him as well 😃

So great to see these pictures!!!!!

He is looking so great and happy!!!
Is that your new house in the woods?

First Basenji's

Lovely terrain for off-leash walking with beautiful dogs. 🙂

Lovely photos of the two of them having a grand time.

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing! A beautiful place for a nice romp in the woods.


What great pictures..he looks so happy..

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