• A nice weekend.. with lots of sun!

    And of course, trying out new baby stuff..

    Yes, totally approved!

  • Congrats Kim ! Very nice shots and a whole lot more pictures on your website ! I really enjoyed the new series ! Hope to see you all soon (maybe in Charleroi ?) Greetz :D;)

  • :eek: Look at them swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

    Buana does look like he's trying to say.. is this really necessary..? 😉 😃

  • They love trying out new things. Great pics. 😃

  • 1: Medjai is super jealous he doesn't get to ride around in a carriage.

    2: Those aren't basenjis 🙂 They are gasp swimming!! Although when it was over 100, Medjai didn't mind being sprayed with water as much as he used to, but he won't stand for it if it's only 90 or lower.

  • WOW!!!! Ithought Basenjis HATED water!!! How did you get your B used to it??? I'd love to do the same with my Duna as i live near the sea and go to the beach very often. I must say, its just starting to get hot these days…so maybe duna might fancy cooling out her little feet!!!!

  • OMG! That is hilarious in the carriage/stroller! As far as swimming…well, we have one that likes to chase and get sprinkled with water...and they all like to sit in the EMPTY kiddie pool...but swimming in a baody of water...I can't imagine! Very cool 🙂

  • Houston

    Wow, the swimming pics are really odd..LOL, I love it though. My kids played in the sprinklers yesterday and Otis just about lost it, he was trying to dig himself through the patio door windows, but then on the flipside he is really curious when they take a bath in the tub at night…odd.
    the stroller pics rock..I know one little girl ( my 9 year old) that would love to have a stroller for her dog...

  • I just love the one of them in the stroller! 🙂
    And are you sure these are pure basenjis 😉 – in the water swimming yet !!!

  • My Shera went to the beach with her retreiver boyfriend, and would slightly STEP in the water if he ran in…. I could not imagine her going up to her chest like that!

  • Lovely swimming pic?s especially the one with daddys head beside his beloved B glad that your beasts approved the new stroller..LOL
    There are quite a few basenjis that enjoy swimming I guess it?s matter of taste and habit;)
    Myran thinks he?s a lab when Miss Efia is a real prissy when it comes to water…..

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