Some more pics of Tenji

Tenji enjoying another long walk on a warm spring day!

Looks like that cute boy had a great run in the "great outdoors". A tired pup is a good pup!

Deluxe pictures of a very happy basenji at full run, peeking over the tall grass (I hear Africa calling) and standing for that Cecile B. de Mille close-up photo. What a great place to just let your b run free and do his own thing.

Yep sure is a great place to let him go for a good run…and it's our own backyard too! You can actually see the house in the background of one of the pics. He absolutely loves going into the tall grass and being sneaky..and once in awhile he'll come across a mouse and take off running after it!


Wonderful nice in the spring. Tenji looks very happy.

What lovely pictures. And such a charming puppy!

Gorgeous Pup and you sure live in a lovely place. He looks like he's caught an interesting scent in the fourth pic from the bottom.

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