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Benny is a Basenji mix at a local rescue here, my hubby and I met him because we were thinking about adopting him, but we just don't think we would be the best family for him so I wanted to tell you all about him!

The rescue thinks he is anywhere from 1-3 years old (we agree that he is a young dog). He has a gorgeous black/brown coat, the big ears and curly tail. He is roughly 16 pounds.

He was abandoned at a local vet clinic, they came to work one day and he was chained to the door. They found a family for him, who surrendered him back when he didn't get along with the cat or the grandpa. The local vet still has him, he is crate trained, and he plays outside with other dogs at the vet during the day.

He is a little timid and prefers women, he showed some aggression towards my husband but did warm up eventually. The rescue said they have never seen him show aggression with any male volunteers. He met our Basenji mix and they got along great, they said he prefers dogs his size, but he gets along with some bigger dogs. He looks a lot like our girl, except the color.

He showed some Basenji personality traits when we met him. He also was fascinated by kids, and never showed any timidness towards them. We do not think he has ever been in a Basenji savvy home, and that is why he has not found a forever home yet.

He is fixed, up to date on shots, and is heartworm negative. We are going to suggest to the rescue get in touch with BRAT and try to post him in their mixes, but I wanted to post about him here too!

Here is his petfinder profile

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My husband and I are the proud parents of a 2 year old Female Basenji Mix (there are some pictures of her already on here). One of our local rescues has a Boy Basenji Mix that looks exactly like our little girl, except for color! We had the two doggies meet at Petsmart and they got along great, he let her dominate, and they gave each other kisses (on the mouth!). He is a little timid around people at first, he had been abandoned at a local vet (tied to their door when they showed up one day) who found a new home for him that then sent him back to the vet (he had fought with the cat and growled at the grandpa). They think he is 1-2 years old.

He warmed up to me pretty quickly upon meeting, he started giving me kisses and all! at first he growled and nipped at my husband (who had given him space) but then warmed up to him to the point where he was resting his paws on hubbys leg and sitting next to him (he almost gave him kisses but shyed away).

He growled at an older gentleman who had got into his space (The pup tried to push him away with his paws).

My husband is concerned about aggression with strangers, not kids because the dog loved every kid that walked by at petsmart. He is also concerned about marking in the house (we have a rental, and all my husbands boy dogs growing up would mark) but the vet said they don't have any problems with him in their kennels marking, or even going inside.

We love him, but are concerned about the possible aggression and marking. Does anyone have any advice/experience with boy rescues and these things? We definitely want him, but we want to know what we are getting in to! Thank you!


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Thank you all! I had looked on the BCOA website, so it is good to know other people suggest Illusion! I have also seen the threads on here about screening breeders and Fanconi testing and all of that! I didn't realize you have to get on waiting lists so far in advance, so that is good to know! Thank you! We will start our search!


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My husband and I have been talking for a few months about adding a second Basenji to our family (we are the proud parents of a 2 as of this month Basenji mix). We have been watching BRAT but we also are considering going through a breeder, the reason for this is that we feel the best addition to our family would be a puppy under a year old. In our experience our little B girl has done best with puppies that are her size or smaller and she has spent time with since they were puppies (she is 13 lbs) or very mellow fully grown dogs (but even that is iffy). She does great with the dogs she has "grown up with".

We adopted her when she was 2-3 months old from the Hawaiian Humane Society and we were not familiar with the breed at the time. Training her was hard initially because we were not prepared for the breed, but she has turned into an amazing little dog! She is very well behaved, and we socialized her with kids ranging from toddlers to newborn babies, as well as various friends and their dogs.

We want a puppy that will serve as a lifelong companion for not only us, but our little girl. If anyone has any advice for us we would really appreciate it! We prefer brindle, red and white, or tri color. We also prefer a female dog, but would be open to a male also (we would prefer her to meet any addition to the family prior to bringing them home, we have always been able to tell if they will get along in the future, even if they don't initially). We are in West Texas, and probably would want to adopt in the winter (trying to give our little girl some more time to settle into our new home).



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We where on Windward Oahu! The rain was tough on her, but she sure loved all the birds to chase!

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Is Darlene one of the girls? I saw her on BRAT and she was just posted two days ago!

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We have learned that the best thing with our Basenji is lots of rawhides, and not little ones (those are gone too soon in our house) but big braided ones. It may help with the chewing!

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We have our Basenji mix on Solid Gold, Sundancer. It is newer, and it is chicken based, no grains, no by products. I don't know if anyone else has tried it yet but it is her all time favorite (she prefers chicken over beef) but she seems a lot better all around on Solid Gold. We also give her their treats! If anyone is looking for a good dry food and has chicken loving Basenjis I recommend it!

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Welcome to the board from a fellow newbie! I am glad you were able to get the Fanconi caught early! You have two beautiful Basenjis!!

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how adorable! I especially love the ferret and pup playing!

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