Pics of Harley

Look at that handsome boy!!

I love how his legs are all stretched out in this pic. I'm not in many cuz I'm usually behind the camera. One of the kids took this one.

This is Alex in a "business meeting" with our business partner. All the paperwork is spread out on his lap/chair with Harley on top.

Whoever is in this chair is Harley's best bud- we think he likes getting "squeezed" between whoever he is snuggling with and the arm of the chair.

He certainly looks content in his new home!
Obviously, HE knew where he belongs!

Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful photos.
I will let you know when the next basenji play day is.

Great photos!!! Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

What a handsome boy! Great pictures. I'm so glad he is blending well with your family…he sure looks like he loves it with you guys!

What a handsome boy! He looks SO serious in the 2nd picture. :p

Adorable pictures…there is nothing like cuddling with a Basenji, thats for sure 🙂 He looks very thankful to be with you guys!

hahaha they must not like when you are doing something important with papers… one time i tried to study and rocky laid upside down on my book.. lol monday night i was doing a project and mia kept messing with my papers..

lol hes definately adorable though. seems like he fits riiiight in 🙂 congrats!!

What a handsome boy! Very cute pics!

Hey, this is one handsome Basenji!!!! They just love to be in the lap of someone in the family, my Basenji, is such a lap dog, don't you just love how they love to be near the family members.

Well… Harley has without a doubt found his forever home....!!!!!

Basenji Mix

Harley looks soooo happy and relaxed. I notice that he has bonded well with his new dad - "zzzzzzzzzzz" 😃

What a handsome boy 😃 Love the business meeting pic must have been one tough meeting as both boy´s are "dogtired" and fast a sleep;)

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