Pics from show

Today we had National show in Brno and I just want to share our results and pics with you all ⭕D

Masai got Excellent 1, CAC and National winner (best dog) in Open class.

Masai gaiting

And Geasy won Veteran class with Excellent and Best veteran and later he gained 3rd BIS Veteran! Wohoooo 😃 He will be 10 in January and I think he looks great!

Geasy gaiting

And I just love this pic

They both look fab! Geasy looks amazing for his age 😃

Congrats on your lovely results!

Congratulations, lovely photos.

Congrats Irena:D
Lovely pics and yes Geasy looks very good for his age:D

Congratulations and especially well done Geasy.

In my opinion a Basenji at 10 is at its peak and should look just as Geasy does.

Wonderful dogs, pics and results!! Congrats! 🙂


Congratulations…they both look great .

Oh wow they are stunning. Congrats! And thank you for sharing the pics! Have to say veterans always brings tears to my eyes, especially when that wonderful!

Congrats!!! what a great results!!!!!!!!

Beautiful B's!

Thanks all for such a nice words :D.
I didn't want to pride oneself or so :o but I am just very satisfied with Geasy's look and success (with Masai too :D). I think Geasy has one of the best quality and colour of coat he has ever had.
I plan a litter with him and Buju next summer and I can't wait to see thier pups :D.

Congratulations, great pictures!

He's beautifully muscled. Love his conditioning!

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