• We have had several requests for updated pictures of Kell. Finally got the camera out to start taking shots for the BRAT calendar. Here he is in all his glory. In the chair is my husband Duane, Kell, big boy, tri girl Rogue & R&W Sidhe (Shaye). Kell has his head in the food container, when it is first refilled he can help himself to snacks. He is a sharer though, always drops some on the floor for the 2 girls. He loved the fireplace this winter and was always pushing his way in to be right in front of it. He plays hard and he sleeps hard, so on the couch surrounded by a few of his toys. He is still such a puppy at 15 months. Love him so much. And after losing Cory two weeks ago, I need the laughter her brings.

  • I LOVE the first picture - what could be better than basenji hot water bottles!

  • Yes they do keep us both warm with their cuddling.

  • Lovely to see them again. Basenjis can always find a space to get in, can't they?

  • Houston

    So nice to see pic of you pack..they are all lovely. Don't you just love how they crave warmth in the colder months..it makes for awesome snuggling..

  • Awwww, the imfamous Kell!!!!

    I can picture him running with the scissors!!!!!!

    He's too cute!!!!:):)

    Love Kell stories!!!

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