• Here are a few shots taken over the last couple of days.
    Today we are off to the car wash (that should be interesting!) and then a long walk at another park in the area.

    Claiming a chair as his

    A yummy ball

    Claiming the middle of the bed as his

    Sweet face after doing the Basenji 500

    Warming his bum on the floor

    A bald eagle that caught his eye on one of our walks

    His Airedale friend at the offleash park

    Another dog friend at the park

    Who was here?


  • I can't take mine to the car wash, they get absolutely traumatized. He looks quite bold, hopefully he can handle it.

  • Oohw.. those ears.. and wrinkles… he's so cute... And he has almost the same white markings as Tillo!

  • A real cutie, lovely pics

  • @Janneke:

    Oohw.. those ears.. and wrinkles… he's so cute... And he has almost the same white markings as Tillo!

    Oh yes, Janneke. I had happily noticed that. 🙂

  • Please keep the pictures coming Fran. He is exquisite.

  • Cute on toast, I am so very happy for you!

  • Such a sweet innocent face!!!! Nothing that cute can get into any trouble!!!

  • Keep those puppy pictures coming - they are delightful.

  • Houston

    He is lovely..love his pretty face.
    The bald eagle was cool to see, wish we had that on our walks here…but now..we have hawks and buzzards...hehe.

    Otis, (our basenji in teh past) hated, I mean hated the carwash..but I bet Kipawa will do great, he is so evenkeeled and calm..no nervous nelly there.

  • I give all the credit regarding Kipawa's mellowness to our breeders Therese and Kevin (FoPaw's Basenjis). They obviously did so much work in exposing Kipawa to a number of sounds and experiences. The carwash experience was really interesting. I thought he would be scared of it, but instead he seemed really curious. He especially loved the pink, green and yellow foam bubbles against the windows. Maybe he could pick up that I like them too? 🙂

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