Snowy pictures!

A few pictures of Roxy having fun in the snow we've had for the past couple of days. 🙂

My b's love the snow much more than the rain…

Gorgeous pics of Roxy and Molly, makes me feel a bit chilly.

Lovely photos of Roxy, I love seeing her, and Molly of course 😃

We have had a bit of snow down here this weekend, we need more though, the dogs love it!! Send it this way please!


Lovely Pictures. I wish we had snow here in TX..but we have rain..nothing fun about rain.

We look as though we're going to be snowed and iced in for several more days. The Basenjis say Hooray but I'm not so sure. They're like children - always trying to find the untrodden snow. Bungwa never wants to come in - he's even out there at night!

I love the pictures, Nicola!

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