Shango and friends!

Here are some pics of Shango and his friends at the dog bakery where we work. Yes, WE, he comes with me!


The Boston Terrier's name is Petunia and the Pekinese is Toshi.

Mine would eat their way through those dog food bags I see on the shelf, Shango is a good boy! Looks like he has fun "at work".
Anne in Tampa

Do we need a "basenjis at work" photo theme?

Nice pics. It's great that you can take your dog to work!

Man I would love to be able to take my baby to work with me! I don't think people in a law firm would like it too much. Maybe I should quit here & start working for a doggie bakery too!! Haha 🙂

Great photos! Shango is such a handsome boy & well behaved as well from the looks of it!

Looks like Shango has a good time playing with that Boston. Our boy, Roo has really taken a liking to our Boston, Bonzo. They play and wrestle, and chew on the same bones together. The only game Bonzo doesn't really "play" is the B-500. She's smart enough to stand in one place and wait for him to "come around again" LOL

It's great you get to take him to work. Is he a 'taste tester'?

Jason and Randa

Shango's a very well-behaved boy. He's awesome and I love having him.

Unfortunately, everyone there (customers and co-workers) like him so so much, I've noticed a slight weight gain! I've had to cut back on all treats and watch so that they don't slip him anything that will make him continue to gain!

But yes, he loves coming to work with me at the doggie bakery and I love to have him!

I love the photo of him with his head on his paw, so sweet!

You are so lucky to be able to work at a place where you can take your dog to work.

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