The extra B for the week and her friend

They are arrived, Basenji girl Danusch and her Lagotto Romagnolo friend Dede
I am so proud of my boys, they are doing so great with the two women around them… good boys

Chaffie and Dede

Ryan playing with Dede

Buana, Dede and Chaffie




Danusch and Buana

Ryan and Dede

Playing with a stick

Danusch with stick


My little sweetie

a couple of Basenji's

Best friends

Playing together

Danusch and Chaffie


Looking at the new crate, it is interesting

And Ryan, do you like the girls?

Love the pics Kim! Ryan is quite the handsome guy too!

Wonderful pictures…

...looks like the boys are having a blast with the ladies around 🙂

Looks like they're getting along well!

What fun! The photo with the boys rolling with Dede on your rug…Dede blends in perfectly with your rug, I thought Chaffie was wrestling with the rug at first.

Yes, I thought it was difficult to tell which was Dede and which was rug. It seems that you all had a good weekend with the girls.

First Basenji's

Looks like so much fun! Can I join your pack, too? 🙂
I saw a dog with a collar just like Danusch's last weekend. She did say she got it from somewhere in Europe…

Thank you all!

About the rug and Dede, haha totally true, we have to be so careful when we walk to the couch and she is sleeping at the rug in front of the couch.. I'm so scared I am walking over her tail or her leg.. Untill now, it didn't happen yet.

curlytails, you ar welcome, twice a day you will get a bite of fresh meat and in between (a bit too much) snacks and bellyrubs 🙂

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