Our B couple


What are you doing?

Such a cutie 🙂

And so pretty

Big boy Tillo 😃

Always sleepy..

What did you say? A cat? Where….?

Lycia and Tillo together

I made a funny noise 😃

I think we'll keep her 😃 😃

Well look at this handsome couple!!

Great pics…It looks like they've settled in nicely together. :D:D

How does Tillo like having a new b girlfriend?


How does Tillo like having a new b girlfriend?

He loves it! He wants to sleep next to her all the time.. gg.. but Lycia doesn't always agree with it 😃 Tillo snores and Lycia can't sleep when he does that.. so she will find another spot to sleep.. They really act like a married couple!

It's great to see how they both like their canine companion 🙂

They look really happili.
When do you purvey a new (girl)friend for Tillo ;):D?

Gosh, that is great to see! They do make quite the handsome couple!

They look great together…. great pictures...

They are great pictures and they look great together. Match made for each other.

Rita Jean


Beautiful couple, they look really happy together. Awesome pictures..as usual..Thanks for sharing.

I love these..thanks for sharing.

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. TOO CUTE!!!! They look fantastic together… do we want um puppies?? no no no.... 🙂 such a handsome couple.. she still doesnt like sleeping next to him eh?? I told you, what a woman to keep a grudge!

First Basenji's

They look so sweet together! I love the last picture!

Oh my the last pic was SO Cute!!! hehee

Great pics…

I know it?s going to be VERY hard to give her up after a few months..

When we only had Buana, we had a Ibizan sister of Hailey for a few months(she had to go to Australia when she was old enough to fly) and oooow I'm sure she has forgotten us a long time ago but we still miss her every day!

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