Sleeping baby B

I foud some older pictures and I have to share this one, sweet sleeping baby Mody:o

He's definitely in puppy dreamland. Was this after a good walk?

She is absolutely adorable :D. Very cute!

Great picture thank you so special and sweet when they sleep.

Rita Jean

Awwwww - they are so cute when they're asleep.


She is beautiful, then and now..

Did you post this to see the number of folks who would comment, "How sweet…..when asleep"??? 😃

Lovely little girl.

Here's a couple of Gossy in the morning - she sticks her head out from under the covers waiting for me to finish getting ready. Some days it's only her nose.

Nice pictures and very cute Wizard. Looks like a sleep in day maybe?

Rita Jean

I love sleeping basenji pics :).

Here are a couple of Aaliyah when she first came home. Photos aren't great as they were taken with my cell phone.

She used to dream she was nursing and her little mouth and tongue would be going and she would be making suckling noises. BTW, that's Brando's tail next to her…about as close as he'd lie near her that first week.:D She was 11wks old in the first pic.

In the second pic, she was 12 weeks old. I took her on a ski trip with me and she is sleeping in front of the fire at my friend's condo. 😉


She was so beautiful..she still is of course..

She looks like a bunny in the secodn picture 🙂

This is Shaye asleep in our motorhome - at night, she's always under the covers, and in the morning she just sticks her head out to see if we are really up.

oooooooow she is sooooo cute 😃

Time goes too fast!


She looks like a bunny in the secodn picture 🙂

Ha, ha…that's what I always say about that photo. And technically, she WAS a ski bunny that weekend.:rolleyes: I took her for a walk out onto the trail that runs beside the condo so she could watch the chairlift and skiers and snowboarders. She was amazed - not afraid at all. In fact, she wanted to chase after them. 😃

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