• Ivy is checking Ethan out in the first one….and I just love Ethan's expression in the second one. Kinda like 'what is this dog going to do next?'


  • 🙂 These pics are so adorable! I have to chuckle because as young as Ethan is, he knows how unpredictable his B's can be. Ethan is a handsome little lad. The dogs are just his size. Living proof your little guy is respected. Thanks for sharing.:)

  • Aaawwwhhh Andrea,
    The pictures are great! I love the expression on young Ethan's face in the second pic! Hahahahaah. Too Cute!

  • That second pic:) …...Kodak moment to be sure....well done!;)

  • I agree i like the second one also !!!!!

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