One of these are going to be mine!

Can't wait the last two weeks to post pictures of my dream boy. So here we are:

This is how 11 basejipups look when all piled up:

One of the black ones is mine.

Black boy 1 or black boy 2 is mine - probably nr 2 - wich is my favorite.

If everything works out, I'll go see them this sunday. Keep fingers crossed!

That's a pile of pups! I can smell them from here…:D


They are adorable..I like how little white #2 has on his face..either way they are cute…
Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to see them this weekend..

Wonderful puppies…your in for a busy time...keep us posted please.

How cute, they all look great.

Lovely puppies, who bred them?

Thanks. 🙂 The are from Kingwana in Norway.

I thought they were, I was just looking at some photos of them on FB!

Liv has my Fiji's litter sister Bambi.

That?s one of my favourites litters of the season. Congratulations to this puppy. Don?t forget to post how he will grow:)


I thought they were, I was just looking at some photos of them on FB!

Liv has my Fiji's litter sister Bambi.

How fun! 🙂

Thanks, I'm so lucky to get one of these beautifull boys, and can promise lots of pictures. 😃

Black boy nr 2…....... Love it! You must be soooooo excited!!

Ohhhh bet you can't wait Anette , all the pups look gorgeous, hope you get the little one you want

CONGRATS!! What a Beautiful Litter!! So Many 🙂 Love it!! Cant wait for LOADS of pics!!

Although I am partial to red girls, the little black boy is adorable!

Congrats :D!
I also like boy nr.2 (for less of white in his face).

Liv says that boy nr 2 is going to be mine! Of course, if anything changes in the next two weeks, that makes him better for show the other one will be mine (I don't want a show dog, so the most promising of the black boys are going to an owner that want to show him).

And, I'm going to se them on sunday! I'll bring my camera. 😃 But can't promisse that I'll remember to take pictures of them…

This is another view of 11 pups:


This is the first time we've had an all-black litter [though have bred several black-black litters!

I bet you are busting at the seams to get your puppy…. I know how my puppy owners are... and they are always waiting for me to post new pics... using FB this year was great!

Busting is the word, I can't understand why the breeder has a life outside the puppies - of course she should use every second to post picturs of the pups and put everything else aside. laugh

No really, I'm very happy with the breeder. 🙂 Just two more weeks now…

Good luck and they are so very pretty. Did I miss the post of the name?

Rita Jean

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