My favourite one

Father, czech beer and Abanda 😃

Well are you going to share. Good one.

Rita Jean

Nice pic 😃 Three fav's in one shot 😉 🙂


What a great picture..tells it all..

Great pic Irena 🙂

First Basenji's

I loved the collar, I want one for my B's.


Cindy..they are called lurcher collars or tapered martingales, more common in britain in leather, but google and see what you 'll find.


I loved the collar, I want one for my B's.

This one was made by my friend. But our dogs havent these collars yet. We use martingale collars.

First Basenji's

Thanks Petra, I'm afraid I'm a collar junkie, the dogs don't care! Shango, my escape artist get out of all of them or the other dogs chew them loose, I don't know which. He without one now, lost in the backyard with all his tags….hopefully we will find it. I had foot surgery and I'm in a cast so I;m very limited and they haven't been to the dog park in a while.....restless household.......see you soon.

Czech beer… Didn't drink it for a longer time :o But still like it very much out of my memories 😃

Nice shot! 😉

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