• Here are some pics of Gipper. The first is the most recent, at ten months. He's now eleven months old and a solid 25 lbs. of muscle. I hope to breed him, so if you're interested, let me know!!! I'm in the process of registering him with the CKC.

  • He is so cute, I see he will actually stand in water. Where you at the beach? Hubby and I took Sahara out in our boat this summer, with lifepreserver on, scared she would panic in the water. Hubby held here in the water and she did really good. Basenji are not fond of the water but I think you can train them to tolerate it to some degree. Sahara would not go potty when it was raining, now she does, and I am always amazed. I am sure you will find someone to mate him with, lots of pretty girls on the site.

  • At 11 months your boy is too young to have had any of the health tests that a responsible breeder requires before even considering a breeding. Because Fanconi and PRA are both late onset disorders, it is also critical to know the health status of the sire, dam, grandsires, and granddams of the dog. I also see that you are seeking CKC registration, does this mean your boy is not AKC registered? Why are you seeking to breed your boy?

    Please take a moment to read about basenji health concerns at http://www.basenji.org/?q=node/17

  • Gipper is beautiful…thanks for sharing your photo's.

  • handsome!…Noobie however was spayed...part of the deal on pound dogs

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    The Gipper is very handsome, but there is so much more to consider before breeding him. As Lisa mentioned, health testing is vital to the preservation of this unique breed. It is important that each person who decides to breed a litter makes good decisions that won't effect the gene pool adversely down the road.
    The other thing to consider, is that basenji breeders have to work extra hard to find homes that are suitable for basenjis. In many other breeds a breeder can be relatively sure that their dog will fit in, and be what the buyer was looking for (Golden Retrievers, Labs, etc.)....but we all know how different basenjis are, and the special challenges they present. So many basenjis end up in rescue because buyers didn't do their research, and breeders didn't screen them appropriately (or in some cases, didn't ask any questions at all!)
    I can guarantee you that anyone that would want to breed their bitch to a dog that isn't AKC registered, doesn't have any health testing, and isn't a year old yet, is NOT someone whose best interest in preserving the breed.
    I hope you will stick around the forum, and become a true advocate for the breed we all love 🙂

  • He's very beautiful. You can see how muscular he is. Keep those pictures coming!

  • What a gorgeous basenji you have. When you do get to breed him, he should produce handsome offspring.

  • I bought Gip from a pet store, and he had just arrived the day before I bought him. The owner of the store has contacted the breeder, and hopefully the breeder will contact me and answer my questions. I can't register him with the AKC without his parents being registered. That's the only reason I haven't tried yet- because I don't know if his parents are registered. Hopefully, they will be and I can go ahead with registration. I'm interested in breeding him, yes, but only after he's grown up some. I don't want to get him fixed, but if I can't register him with the AKC, my chances of breeding him are greatly reduced, and going ahead with the operation in the near future might be the best thing for both me and him. Also, I would never even think of breeding him without making sure he had a clean bill of health. Any suggestions? Realistically, what are my chances of breeding him? I appreciate all the help!!

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  • That's what I was thinking, and now that I have some confirmation from a breeder, it's just a matter of getting him fixed. Thank you for the honesty. I definitely admire this breed, for their many great qualities as well as their quirks, and I want to preserve that.

  • he is a lovely dog. store. if you get an akc registration for him are you interested in showing? welcome to the forum, you can find out all kinds of things about basenjis here.

  • I am new to the breed and want to say that I am pleased to see some folks willing to step up to the plate and voice concerns. Bs are a different breed and there are truly concerns for breeding them as I have read some of their history. Thanks to you who share your knowledge and thanks to Andrew for taking concern!

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