One Year Anniversary with Kell

It has been one year to the day since Kell entered our lives. It has been a fun year with our first Basenji rescue. He is such a love and such a BIG boy. Today Duane was working on the run to his pond, trying to improve the flow. I know that Kell with his love of digging must have been a big help. I kept hearing Duane call his name! We are so grateful to BRAT to have this clown in our lives.

Congratulations! Heres to more fun loving and dig happy years!

glad you have had a great year with Kell

Congrats, and I hope you have many more anniversaries with Kell!

Congratulations on your first year with Kell, may there be many many more.

Hooray for a great first year!

First Basenji's

Happy Gotcha day! The first year is really something. Here's to many, many more years of love and laughter with Kell.

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