• I guess any of us who have children have at one time or another told that child to never run with scissors. I never expected to find myself hollering at Kell to "leave those and not to run in the house with scissors in your mouth!" Duane heard me and started laughing and could not stop. I was doing a small sewing project, picked up material, thread and pincushion when I had to get up for a few minutes. Put them up high, did not think he would go after a large pair of sewing scissors. Turned around and he took off running with the pointed end in his mouth, thus my hollering. The boy will do me in soon, I just know it. Every day something new.

  • I love it that is as long as it's at your house and not mine. I can see Jayden doing the same thing but not the Queen Jaycee they may be dirty.

    Rita Jean

  • ROFLMAO. I find if it's small enough to take, it's fair game.

  • Ha ha! Yeah, I never thought I would hear myself yell "hey, come back here with that throw rug"! or "put down that ceramic dog dish"!

  • LOL!! Very charming and cute from a distance;)

  • @bewler:

    Ha ha! Yeah, I never thought I would hear myself yell "hey, come back here with that throw rug"! !

    ugh! the throw rugs… 10 times a day... EVERY day!

  • Houston

    Hilarious…toiletpapper is the sure favorite at our house..and my kids' rooms...they are like giant dogtoy stores...barbies and legos are highest on the list.

  • Socks, underwear, toilet paper if we aren't careful to keep the bathroom doors closed; throw pillows, shoes, slippers, anything reachable on a counter, in a box, in a trash bin, in a cupboard, the dishwasher - basically anything they think they can play with that happens to present itself where we are not as careful as we try to be! The scissors thing would panic me!

  • Abbey climbed into the bathtub and got a razor. Came into the kitchen carrying it by the tip of the handle. The look on her face was like I know this might hurt me Mom so I'm being very careful! She's murder on throw rugs. They don't live very long at our house.

  • My parents' b used to steal my mother's gardening tools. She would put down the rose pruners or trowel for just a second, and Gabriel would dart out of nowhere, snatch it up and play "keep away." She got a tool belt for Christmas one year, and he still tried to sneak up and snatch things out of the pockets. 🙂

    Luckily, my Spencer is not a "klepto." There has never been a purse or bag that enters our house that his head hasn't disappeared into, but he's never taken anything. Yet.

  • Scissors are one of my lots' favourites - fortunately it's the handles they chew! I'm getting quite an expert at mending them with masking tape and floral tape!!

  • I was most cross with Miss Vanda taking our brand new furminator, which had, (past tense), a nice soft rubber handle, now its a coarse, half eaten uncomfortable handle, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh :(…

  • Last week, Kipawa grabbed a butter knife out of the dishwasher. He then proceeded to proudly prance around with it. But just for a second, as I gave him the 'drop it' command and he obeyed immediately. Kipawa loves the dishwasher - he LOVES watching me load it up. Odd, but he is not that into the unloading, probably because there are no tasty food scents (we give him nothing off our plates).

  • I guess I'm the lucky one w/o such a mischievous B. He has yet to take something that does not belong to him. Nor does he display any interest in my shoes or any other cables around my home. 😃

    Although he does like the stuffing in the couch, that' just a given with Basenjis.

    (I'm probably going to come home to shredded shoes today. We all know Basenjis can read our thoughts, I'm in trouble now 😃 )

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