• I was fixing supper the other night, so my attention was not on the pack, always a mistake. Duane came in from the grill and saw them all grouped on a blanket I had out to catch wet feet when they come in the back door. We thought they had stolen something and were in the destruction process. But no, my sweet and generous Kell had taken mouthfuls of kibble from the dog food container and carried it over to the blanket. He had to have made several trips with the size of the food pile. He is the only one tall enough to open the lid and stick his neck down far enough to do this little trick. But he and the 2 girls were sharing in this impromptu picnic, no snarking or growling going on to clue mom in on the theft. How to be upset when he is being "sweet"?
    I have hopefully attached a picture of him with his head in the food container, he is a dreadful food theif when it is first filled. The other photo is one of him napping on his toys, he loves his toys so much.

  • how thoughtful!

  • What a gentleman!

  • What a clever, cute boy!

  • It was so generous of Kell to share his ill gotten goods! πŸ˜‰

  • to soonu111:
    Kell would say some type of find the food game would be lots of fun. He loves us to fill his Kong with kibble,then he takes it and tosses it all around leaving a trail of kibble for the girls to clean up. I have been sitting on the couch and seen it fly up above the back of the couch when he really gets into it, bit dangerous on the glass items I have sitting around.

  • hahaha that's the best story πŸ™‚ a picnic

  • What a thoughtful thing for a basenji to do! Carrying mouthfuls for the others to share for their picnic is quite gentlemanly! I'm sure the extra they were eating "not at mealtime" will do them no harm, whereas the cameraderie enjoyed by the group will last forever.

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