• Well, Kell can turn our cathedral ceiling fan/light on and off. We have long chains hanging down so we can control while sitting in the living room. I guess we have never had a Basenji tall enough to reach the hanging controls before, (or one that could figure out they were possible toys) but Kell CAN! He stood on the arm of the couch and begain pulling on the cords. We thought we were having problems with electricity with the lights going on and off, but NO, just Kell breaking new ground in his quest to become the most exceptional Basenji ever. We did think ahead about protecting the Christmas tree, gifts and ornaments from him. We bought a 12 foot long and 2 foot high piece of white plastic lattice work and installed it around the tree. He could get over it, but would make enough noise so we would have enough warning to save the enclosed treasures. He will be one year old on December 14th along with the rest of the Graham 8, but I do not see the puppy in him maturing for many more years. Thanks again Brat for this wonder of a B. Dawn

  • ROFLMAO. Well Cara has learned to stomp her feet. She hops up and down on the front ones repeatedly to get my attention. Aren't they special little dogs? LOL.

  • That is great, love that Basenji story…

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