• First Basenji's

    Took Bowpi and Bowdu to a picnic last Saturday. Both were very well-behaved, even around the kids. One little toddler tried to lick Bowpi's nose – I guess she was trying to greet her in dog language! Bowpi didn't even flinch.

    We all just enjoyed sitting around and soaking up some sun. Here's Bowpi cuddling up against my friend and pondering the sky. She's skittish, but not really that shy, at least not about her personal space (compared to my shiba, who just sat apart with his back to everyone, like he's too good for the crowd, haha).

  • Cute pictures - what breed is Bowdu?

  • First Basenji's

    Bowdu is our Shiba Inu son, five years old and long accustomed to behaving like a grumpy old man. He was good with the human kids too though, which I was glad to see. He usually snarks at puppies, but was very gentle with the toddler who kept wanting to pet him. Not so happy to be close to the other kid who was firing off foam darts with a step-on air pump. 🙂

  • Great pics! Good dogs for being well mannered!

  • Aww, pleased they both enjoyed their picnic. And well done to them both on being good dogs. 🙂

  • They are both great looking dogs. There was a shiba inu at the dog park we took Shaye and Gemma to this past Thursday, and he looked just like your Bowdu. Lovely animal, he got along great with our dogs but got a little tired of Shaye trying to keep him running as he was 7, and Shaye is 16 months only. He made it clear the last couple of times she nudged him and he was not to be moved, thank you very much.:D

  • That looks so nice and relaxing. Must of been fun. I can't wait till the weather here is good enough to spend outdoors like that.

  • Lovely day, lovely basenjis!

  • Houston

    Looks like a great time..glad they enjoyed it and behaved nicely.

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