Snack time

Yesterday, our dogfood was brought all the way to our ship (that's easy :D)
Kas went to the van from the dogshop and besides the BARF he shopped a bit more in the back of the van… 😕
(I saw him looking and taking out some bags... ??)

He came back with a BIG smile on his face that said to me: LOOK I bought all different sort of snacks for my little lovers.... 😃

He likes to spoil his three lovers.. (i'm just jealous sometimes... hahaha)
I like it so much, he grew up without animals and when he met me, he totally found out the animal world and.. loved it 😃

Well, yesteray evening.. the first bag of snacks we're opened..
Three rawhides with a surprise (stinky) thing inside... (for over 6 dollars.. :eek: hahahaha they sure had to taste really good)

Buana, at the beginning of his tasty evenening

He eats really carefully, he is afraid he forget a piece..

Little lady… she loved it

She had fun with it for over an hour

Chafuko immediately "kills" it..

And the stinky inside stick is gone!

So mommy, can you clean it up here please… It's a mess!!!

Great pics, the Dogs look as if they are realy enjoying their treats.
They just love stinky things, we give our big dog Max dried fish pieces which he loves. I always am glad he eats them quickly because they stink the house out 🙂

Now and again when Shaye decides she's bored with her food we put stinky shake cheese and a little garlic juice in it - suddenly it's ambrosia!


Otis thinks it looks so yummy..

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