• We started putting up the Christmas decorations yesterday. Everytime we sat on the floor to start putting up the tree, Nemo wanted to curl up and take a nap beside me. This is Nemo's journey from my side of the tree to my partners side to find a place to sleep. It was pretty funny to watch.

    He inched a little here. Decided it didn't work.

    Moved under the tree very "stealthly".

    Tried to sleep in front of my partner's knees but it didn't last too long.

    Amazingly he doesn't seem interested in the tree after it is decorated.


  • what a cutie! glad to hear he's not chewing on the tree!

  • He's adorable! What a sneaky little guy! 🙂

  • Aren't they just great!
    But wait the tree isn't finished - let us know what happens when all the shiny fun stuff is up - he he he.

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