• Hi, I have finally gotten some photos of Kell loaded into our computer so here goes:He always has a pile of toys on the love seat to play with, throw or fall asleep on, they never are in the toy box any longer. He takes up the whole loveseat now when he stretches out. His new favorite place is on the corner of the couch where he can watch us eat our meals, or turn his head and look out the back door. On the bed, the small red girl in front is Sidhe and the Tri is Rogue. Hope this meets everyone's Kell picture fix.

  • Very nice!

  • Lovley B's, all of them. Glad to hear they are all getting along and I really like your bed linen. 😉

  • Awww, Kell, what big ears you have!!!

    Very cute!!!!!! I just love him!!!!:):)

  • LOVE the pic of all the basenjis resting on the bed. What a sweet image!

  • Our Cassie has that same "NOW what can I get into" look about her….Thanks for sharing, Dawn. And thanks for telling me how to get here so I could see Kell.

  • Thanks for sharing, love the bed shot. Basenjis in their 'native habitat'.

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