Finally spring!

Well it's been very warm for the last 2 weeks and almost all our snow is gone! This weekend it actually got up to 15C! So of course we had to take advantage of the warm weather and go down some of the hiking trails.

Saturday we went down some trails at the local Forestry plantation

And for the Sunday walk we decided to go to Kakabeka Falls

Nice pics. It looks like you had a great trip :).

Wonderful pics! And what a beautiful scenery!


Great pictures..
The landscape is beautiful.

Yeah Kakabeka Falls is a pretty nice place to go. It's really interesting to go there a few times through out each season and see how much it changes, like in fall/winter when it totally freezes over.

Heres a few more pics of just the falls.

And these pics were from yesterday…can anyone spot the heart in the waterfall? haha:rolleyes:

Really lovely pictures. It looks like it was quite the 'crisp' day there.

It really felt like summer..and its the same today too. Theres people walking around in shorts and tshirts already and you can actually SEE the snow melting! haha.

Gorgeous pictures, the baby as well as the scenery!

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