Xmas photo

1_1576713226672_64395259-09D6-4A2E-A355-BD5BEF68CD32.jpeg 0_1576713226671_1CF9F566-5C19-410D-9302-D67B234393EA.jpeg
I’ve been naughty and nice! But mostly NICE!⛄🎅

Very cute. Has there EVER been a Basenji who isn't naughty at least some of the time?

@donc lol, now there is an easy one to answer. NO!

Somebody please tell me how to post photo. Complete computer illiterate. Need all the help i can get. Cant even get to where i should be to do so.

What a sweet picture.
An oldie, old dogs are such treasures!

She is an OLDIE - she will be 14 on 01/04/2020. And she is a TREASURE! ❤🐾

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@donc An un-naughty dog wouldn't be a Basenji, would it ?

She's a treasure - all old Basenjis are.

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@joan-duszka Anytime you write or comment on a post, a screen opens that includes 10 icons across the top of the text input field. The sixth one over looks like a "picture". Click on that and some code pops into your text field: ![alt text](image url) If you fill it in, your image will be inserted into the text area. So, let's change "alt text" to "my dog, doodle" and put the online address of the image in place of "image url"... This should produce a link to a picture of my sweet dog sound asleep:
 my dog, doodle please note: I do not know what is causing the broken link image. The link seems to work.

The other way would be to upload the image from your device using the next to the last icon (#9). When you press that, you should be able to select an image from your computer files and upload it into place. Same photo (of my sleepy baby): 0_1576899134425_WP_20180425_001.jpg

note: this seems to work best for desktops, rather than mobile phones.

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Sweet photo of Doodle💕! “Doodle is nestled all snug in her bed,
while visions of sugar-plums danced in her head.”

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