The photo worked!

Oh boy! Now that I figured out how to post a photo, there's more where that came from!
I have no idea how to add captions, but my learning curve is a little steep here! LOL! Oh, and this is Cody!

I have a brindle boy named Cody as well.

We thought about changing his name to something WE chose, but after referring to him as CODY during the adoption process, it just STUCK!

Love the crossed front legs! It says to me "just chillin'".

I know we all think our Bs are the best and most amazing of all dogs, but I gotta tell you - this little guy is FABULOUS! I can't imagine a better dog! AS WE ALL DO! I am so glad to have discovered this breed - unlike any other, right? he makes me laugh every single day!

And, as you can see in the first photo, he just LOVES his basenji -mix brother, Jack!

I love the picture od Cody and Jack.
When i upload pics i do it from Photobucket and i type the captions directly into the thread. Took me ages to learn how to do it though 😃

Thanks, Shelley! I'll try that next time, I think!

Cody is such a handsome boy.

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