Photos of Anne~

It's hard to get her to hold still long enough to take pictures! Even with a quick shutter speed. Here's a few of the better ones that I've managed to take:

What a cutie! How old is she? I can see why she stole your heart.


What a pretty girl! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing these great pics!

What a pretty girl, she is so cute

She's a great looking dog!


She is the cutest little angel.

Absolutely adorable!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Anne is about four months old, so still just a puppy! She is is very cute. Originally when I was looking at petfinder to find a basenji to adopt I had really liked her a lot but my mom and girlfriend both thought her brother was just too cute to pass up and talked me into trying to adopt him instead. Her brother had already been adopted by the time I submitted my application though, so I ended up adopting Anne in the end anyway~! My girlfriend was sad, but I was secretly really happy I adopted her. đŸ™‚

First Basenji's

She's so cute! She has such and innocent/startled look on her face.

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