Photo summary…

a few photos to sum up the last year… (I've been MIA from the forum)

censored, for your viewing pleasure…

Love the fingers in the last photo..
Moms keeping the Private area covered… laugh..

I remember you, and Tucker is looking great. Did he chase a car? Is he mixed with a boxer, he is so cute, and the baby is cute too, what I can see, haha!!! More baby & Tucker pictures please!:o

yes, Tucker is a "boxenji". he's solid, like a boxer, but he's got the basenji personality & smarts. he didn't chase a car at all, he actually unhooked his lead… he was tied out briefly, using 2 leads hooked together, he unclipped them, and in true B fashion, he bolted... right into the road, taking a mini-van off the noggin at about 35mph.

Oh yeah the last picture is best! 😃

Basenji Mix

Baby and Tucker both look very sweet. The first pic melts my heart.

Tucker looks great! Love his face!

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