MacPack photos

I hope I get this right,I am finally figuring out how to post photos…I hope!

Sorry, I still didn't figure out how to add text! The 2 tris are Nicky in front, Eddie rear. The group shot is my three, Topper, Nicky and Eddie protecting their buddy Kea from a Rottie. And the third is my Nicky snoozing with her big floppy dog buddy.

They are so cute! And damn it looks like they scared the crap out of that Rottie! LOL :p

Haha, that rottie looks terrified. Basenji's are fearless (especially in packs). Great photos. 🙂

Great photo's!!!!!!

The rottie won't bother them again I think!

Great pics and the look on that Rotties face is priceless:D

Great pics! Love the one with the rottie 😃 😃

Basenji Mix

Wonderful photos! The middle picture is quite interesting. Glad you figured out how to post photos. 😉

Laugh, that poor Rottie!

Great pictures! The rottie looks like he thinks he got into more than he ever expected from that group of smaller dogs than he is.

I agree with the others, that Rot is wearing a look that says "WTF?!?!"

love it

Oh yeah - the one with the rottweiler is precious.

Thanks! I agree, I love the one with the Rot. And basenjis are all pretty fearless! My DH takes many,many photos, I am just very "low tech" but I am learning.
My avatar image is my Topper, who is now 13 1/2 and the fearless pack leader!

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