A few photos

Hi all. Here is Binti hanging over the couch and then scaring herself with her own reflection in the TV.:)

I think b/w are so neat…someday I will own one.

Love the name Binti! Such a pretty girl!

She is darling!

Thanks, guys. I am having the best time with her (except when she is being snarky!)

Congratulations on having such a cute little B girl - and kudos because you obviously can leave your blinds down without them being torn up - all of ours are permanently half mast since we had to replace them all when Shaye decided they were in her way to looking out! Binti is really really pretty!

Binti is so beautiful! The black and whites look so flashy đŸ˜ƒ

My black & white girl, Black Magic, lived to be 17 1/2. I wish you at least that many years with your lil black girl.

She is a pretty B&W.

Pretty little lady. Have fun.

Rita Jean

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