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I can't imagine but she is beautiful....

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Head and wrinkle look right, dont worryabout tail i have seen purebred with tails like that. Feet no so much, basenji feet are very tight, his color could be there are some very dark brindles out there. Ears appropriatly large but do mot seem to be hooded. Regardless, he is as cute as a button. Get him tested and let us all know

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It doesnt solve any problems and is archaic.
Just like summer vacations. Once absolutely necessary to get the crops in the ground and harvested.It stresses youngster and old folks mainly. If someone wants to start a political rally or a marchðŸĪŠ I will gladly parade about with signs and donate a whole dime. I am not sure if other countries do it but leave it to our politicians to mess around with TIME. Next thing they will legislate fo
r will probably be only allowing rain to fall on wednesday afternoon.

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I meant to say after a round of basenji 500, our first girl Ch. taarakians cairo jubilee, would slam into the corner of the couch and just stand on her head for the longest time.

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and wind up in a corner of the couch, standing for the longest time, on her head.

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Not to make light of your end of life query. But can you imagine a basenji high on MJðŸĪŠ***

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@chelsea-basenjichi ong time ago, a man and his wife slept in bed with 5 basenjis. Unfortunately
Something roused one from a sound sleep and snarked. Husband went to er and had a stitch or two in a very tender spot. Moralof this story, which by the way is true, dont let your b sleep under the sheets.ðŸ˜Ū

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sleeping with a basenji can be hazardous to your health. Never wake a sound sleeping b. They are known to snark and maybe even take a nip at your fingers. One of mine did. I had to approach t he bump in the bedclothes, talking and speaking her name, rubbing the blanket near her, patting the mattress until i felt her rustle and squirm waking behavior, flip the covers back and step back myself just to make sure she was awake.....she never ever touched anyone with her teeth even in playing but boy oh boy dont reach under the cover to pull her out. You will hear stories. They are not all snarkers but a good proportion ....well just make sure they are awake before shooing them out of bed.

I imagine it is normal behavior for them in their natural state. If you were very small, considering the other inhabidents in the jungle. You would jump and prepare for battle of something touched you from a sound sleep. Guess,that s why they dont bark...why advertise a nice juicy morsel is in the long grass near a lion. Anyhowz it will work out in the basenjis favor.😂ðŸĪĢ😂in

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@acrook OK......give up, he is a basenji. He will do nicely under,the top cover of your bed. They are a little to prickly to sleep under ,the sheet. I dont know how it happens but the three that i raised from 12 week old puppies, never ever peed in the bed. However they were never truly house trained til about 6 months old. They tucked in every night of their lives. I wont suggest how to get things done but where there is a will there is away...wink wink. 😉Crate in bedroom and a nice chewy bone keeps them occupied.😊

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You also might consider the cost of having a litter...you will almost never come out even. Expenses involved in doing it properly eat up most every dime. The cost of your bitch, cost of showing her to championship, stud fees, all tests, xrays and after care,for bitch and pups. And many more considerations.$$$$$$$$$$$. Be ready🙂

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