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If you look very closely, there seems to be an eye witness. I suggest you question him/her very carefully. Do not fall for the phony excuse of “ I saw a burglar in here and he was carrying away your favorite pillow. I tried to grab it out of his hands and we had a terrible scuffle. He was strong and huge but I hung on, endangering my life to secure your property. I snatched and yanked and pulled and finally he released the pillow. Honest Mom that is what happened. “. These eye witnesses’ are not altogether truthful or honest. Same thing happened at our house and it is the same old story. The mystery remains unsolved.

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This is going to be hard to decribe but worked for us. A very large stretchy sock. Slide it over her head and mark where her legs would go. Cut ,Just slits will do. Poke her legs through . Roll it back to a collar, fold it back to make a collar. Cut it off at about the third nipple and if you can make sense of what i just said you should be good to go. Needless to say, it is a 24/7 job. You could also use a light weight sweater sleeve to do the same job.

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Forgot to mention to those folks whose basenjis catch and kill rabbits and squirrels . Or any wild prey for that matter. When they kill or seriously injure something. Fleas jump from victim to dog. In 30 yrs we have had only one instance of fleas. One girl killed a bunny in her yard. I removed corpse immediately as i saw it happen. Picked up bitch and she was loaded with fleas for the first time in her life. Thank goodness fleas show up on basenjis very obviously. She was not allowed in the house until hubby ran down to pet store and bought appropriate flea shampoo. She was bathed outside, dried outside and then sat on my lap upside down ..she thought it was for a belly rub.....i was looking for a stray flea that had escaped having a bath. Found nothing...they did not have time to lay eggs so we were comfortable that we had solved the problem.

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Watching my three girls gang up on a possum in our chain link fenced yard. Lightening quick and totally coordinated. One would dash in, bite and dash out, second one would dash in and bite before the first one completed her attack, ,third one same thing going in for a bite just ,as the second one backed out. Eventually it played dead, basenjis said...”oh well “and i was able to collect them and get them in the house and go back outside and open the gate as a very wobbly possum stirred to life and was looking for a way to get out. They are fierce and fearless and fast. As a pack they are pretty deadly. The youngest was only 9 mo.old but seemed to know exactly what to do even tho none of them had ever had a confrontation with any thing.

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May i suggest the Basenji Nationals in Arizona,this november. You are bound to meet many owners and breeders

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I have recently read that there are a number of grasses and weed that have seeds that cling. Fox grass being one of them. Dogs snuffle and inhale seeds and they sometimes get stuck inside the nose and throat causing such symptoms. Make sure vet gives a close check of interior of nose. Can cause inflammation . Wish i could remember the article but this is all i recall.

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I do not understand your message. You found a basenji, reunited it with its home. Want to know if any one knows it or can put you in touch with owner. Just a little bit confusing.

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Dexen. Your language only shows your lack of understanding the english language. Please refrain from spilling filth on the board. It really isn't necessary. Nancy your response was also uncalled for. This person is asking for assistance. Needing only help in rethinking her expectations from her puppy. Indeed she seems to be comparing last dog to basenji. Anyone who really cares about basenjis , understands the new comer to be exasperated with a puppy. To suggest she lacks love is so out of line. What she lacks is understanding of our breed. There is more than sufficient nastiness in the world today without adding to it with vile language and accusations. I suggest both of you retire from the conversation and allow those who maybe able to help be heard

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Good for you...keeping her close to you. Just an amusing moment about going thru security. Took him out of sherpa hubby carried him through...not the xray, just let them pat you down. One of the security guys came dashing over practically shouting. Is that a basenji....yep he is, 4 months old. Hubby replyed He said. I had one when i was nine years old and boy did i love that dog. He kind of gestured to our screener and we zipped right thru. As for taking him out of the sherpa, read the airline attachment to your ticket. They will tell you what you are allowed to do and not. There is a spray available at pet shops to calm puppy down. Just spray lightly in sherpa. I cant for the life f me r emember the name of it. Perhaps someone will drop a note here. Dont spray heavily or on puppy and once will do. Good luck

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