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Little boys have some long hairs on the end of their peeper.dont trim them off, they are there for a purpose. They direct the stream down to the ground.without them he would be peeing all over his self. That is the source of those little dots. A tissue before you let him in or pick him up will take care of that.

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5 basenjis later......a christmas bell about the size of tennis ball. One door all the time, hang on door knob low enough for paw and nose to reach easily. EVERY time you go out, ring the bell, hold puppy paw and tap bell, or nudge puppy nose to make bell ring. Eventually puppy will realize..ring this thing and I get to go out this door....down the road you my get ring just because....but let them out anyhow. Bell is portable good for visits and motels. Good luck

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Before you go barking on a forum, you. Should make an attempt at the correct language. Your unintelligible remarks were just that. As for your subject matter i seriously doubt you have any expertise in training any animal let alone a basenji. I would suspect the closest you have come to dogs or cats for that matter were upon your dinner table. Please refrain from posting on this forum

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No wnere in post have i heard mention of crate. Perhaps one should be made available for time outs. before actual bite, or start ofrough play...a lovely chewy and shut the door. He needs rest . When he quiets in invite him back out by just opening the door. We had luck with our puppies by thumb under chin finger on top of nose and very gentle close mouth with a firm loud no bite. Good luck

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Kelle’ the last basenji, sister to Belle who was put to sleep last year at 13 1/2 years. Definitele CCD, blank stares, head wave ing back and forth , not see us, jumpy and startled to the point she only relaxed in our lap. Fell a few times bumped into wall and doors. She slept her last evening cuddled in bed and seemed to have a good night. When we woke she was having mini seizures, head jerking, just non stop. Vet agreed it was neurologic . tears sobs kisses and pats..it takes a powerful love to let them go. So now i have five wooden boxes in my nightstand. Which ever of us that passes first takes all five to the rainbow bridge to wait for the other.

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How big is she?

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Les smelles beaucoup superieurs la grand poupon oui oui ....get off our forum

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Behaviors should tell a lot..is sunshine like a magnet to her, does she climb on the back of sofa or chair and lie there with her front legs crossed, does she “purr” when you stroke her, does she run about the room carooming off chairs and sofas like a crazed creature, can she find any unguarded item of interest such as your underwear, kleenex, tp, tv remote, cell phones, is she standoffish with strangers until she decides to grace them with her presence, can she climb any fence or obstacle that keeps her from where she wants to go, does she sound funny when she vocalizes or tries to bark, . Does she want to get under the covers in bed? If you can answer yes to a bunch of these you may have a basenji mix.
Enjoy her even more....

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What is this.? And why?

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If the person who wants to sell him to you and is willing to place him at 5 or 6 weeks old..
And cant or wont tell you who the parents are...run like hell.

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